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Mar 1, 2017 ... What we found is that limited CloudPets user data may have been accessed ... and blog posts, the affected database contained no CloudPets ...

Hacking Unicorns with Web Bluetooth

A year ago it was appear that more than 2.2 actor articulation recordings of children and parents, as able-bodied as 800,000 associated email addresses and passwords, had been abominably leaked through lax security on a MongoDB server.

Cloudpets kindle fire

English (US) Español (Latinoamérica) Português · Submit a request Sign in. CloudPets. Getting Started · Initial Set Up · Getting Started | A Step-by-Step Guide  ...

On February 22nd, 2017, we were notified of a data  aperture involving some CloudPets user data. Immediately afterwards actuality contacted, we launched an centralized investigation.

Now firstly, put yourself in the shoes of the average parent, that is one who's technically community abundant to apperceive the wifi password but not adeptness abundant to understand how the "magic" of daddy talking to the kids through the buck (and vice versa) absolutely works. They don't necessarily realise that every one of those recordings – those intimate, heartfelt, acutely personal recordings – amid a ancestor and their adolescent is stored as an audio book on the web. They absolutely wouldn't realise that in CloudPets' case, that data was stored in a MongoDB that was in a about facing arrangement articulation after any affidavit required and had been indexed by Shodan (a accepted search agent for award affiliated things).

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Feb 28, 2017 ... Some news broke yesterday about the CloudPets toy we've been looking ... We were planning to publish this blog next week, but in light of the ...

Connected CloudPets teddy bears babble on owners, leak 2 actor articulation recordings

Cayla isn't the aboriginal affiliated toy to raise apropos either. Aloof over a year ago it was "Hello Barbie" authoritative the account for precisely the aforementioned reasons. Yes, it's a air-conditioned abstraction but no, I (and abounding others) don't want my kids apparent in that way. In fact, aloof before that, we had the VTech abstracts aperture which apparent a huge bulk of actual claimed advice afterwards parents bought their kids affiliated tablets, joined them to the wifi arrangement and created accounts for them. Those accounts were ultimately apparent and included the kids' names, genders, bearing dates, photos and links to ancestor with abounding concrete addresses. That should accept been the wakeup alarm where we all said "hey, if we put our kids' abstracts on the web, we charge to apprehend it to be leaked", but clearly it hasn't chock-full the flood of affiliated toy things.

Cloudpets apk

Jun 5, 2018 ... Connected CloudPets teddy bears blab on owners, leak 2 million voice .... writing in his blog post, “…in CloudPets' case…data was stored in a ...

IoT Security Insights

Which brings us to CloudPets (a cast endemic by Spiral Toys) which is a toy that represents the nexus of both the problems discussed above: kids' voices actuality recorded and their abstracts appropriately actuality leaked. The best way to accept what these guys do is to simply watch the video:


Feb 28, 2017 ... Which brings us to CloudPets (a brand owned by Spiral Toys) which is a toy .... I' ve said many times before in many blog posts, public talks and ...

Creepy CloudPets pulled from stores over security fears

The Germans had a good point: kids' toys which record their choir and accelerate the recordings up to the web affectation some serious aloofness risks. It's not that the risks are decidedly any altered to the ones you and I face every day with the volumes of abstracts we aftermath and abode online (and if you merely accept a avant-garde phone, that's absolutely what you're doing), it's that our tolerances are actual altered when kids are involved. I've got adolescent kids myself and frankly, I'm with the Germans on this one; I don't see a charge for them to accept things like their choir recorded and stored online. That's not to say I don't appetite them to accept an online attendance and I'm gradually exposing both of them to added and added avant-garde internet things, but I don't decidedly appetite innocent childish behaviour like playing with a toy to be recorded and stored on added people's computers.

Cloudpets free

Jun 7, 2018 ... Good news for privacy-conscious parents of young children! Major retailers have begun pulling CloudPets cuddly toys from their shelves after ...

CloudPets Data Breach FAQs

Spiral Toys, the architect of the so-called “smart” toys, claimed to act swiftly to fix the problem – and addition vulnerability which could allow a alien hacker to not only almanac audio but additionally advertisement messages via the toys.

Cloudpets reviews

Data from affiliated CloudPets teddy bears leaked and ransomed, exposing kids' articulation messages

Only a brace of weeks ago, there were a lot of news account about how Germany had banned an internet-connected baby alleged "Cayla" over fears hackers could target children. One of their primary concerns was the potential accident to the aloofness of children:

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